LG LA240HSV3 22000 BTU Art Cool Mirror Cool & Heat System with Heat Pump

Item#: LA240HSV3 LAN240HSV3 LAU240HSV3

Brand: LG

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Product Details
LG Art Cool Mirror indoor unit offers a distinct, contemporary element to any room in which it is installed. It is a smokey, mirrored finish and includes a remote. With inverter technology, the variable speed compressor is quieter and uses less energy than conventional air conditioners, making it a more cost efficient option in the long run. With inverter technology, when the selected temperature is reached, the compressor bumps down to a lower peed to maintain that comfort level.
The LA24HSV3 LG Art Cool Mirror model has an EER of 20 SEER, and has 22000 BTUs of cool air ready to make your extra large, 1200 - 1300 sq. ft. area comfortable. Finally, when the weather turns cold, it's reassuring to know that it also offers 27600 BTU of heat. It also has built in low ambient capabilities operating down to 14°F in cooling mode and -4°F in heating mode.

There are many additional features included with the LG Art Cool Mirror Single Zone Systems:
  • Dehumidifying Mode: Indoor unit accurately senses room temperature and controls humidity by shutting down the compressor before a room is over-cooled
  • Chaos Swing: Electronically controlled louvers and fan speeds create a more natural, random flow of air, reducing temperature stratification
  • Art-Cool Three-Way Cooling: Air flows out of the unit from three directions, creating more natural circulation
  • Jet Cool: Operates at high speed for up to 30 minutes to quickly cool a room down to 64°F
  • Swirl Wind: Four-way controlled louvers and fan speeds create a stronger, wider air flow and reduce temperature stratification
  • Manual Power Switch: Easily accessed button allows for continued operation if the remote control is misplaced
  • Defrost Control: Shuts down the indoor fan to prevent cold air from being blown into the house. Removes frost from outdoor coil when the outdoor temperature is low
  • Temperature Display: Shows room temperature of interior unit
  • Auto Sleep Mode: Automatically increases the temperature setting 2 degrees F twice (after 1/2 hour and one hour). The interior unit shuts off when the timer setting is reached
  • Auto Restart: Automatically restarts a unit to programmed setting when the electricity comes on after a power failure
  • 24-Hour on/off timer
  • Energy saving
  • Gold fin anti-corrosion
  • Low sound operation
  • Allows refrigerant piping lengths up to 98 feet, and elevation difference up to 49 feet
  • R410A refrigerant
This unit must be installed by a qualified HVAC technician.
Bundle Includes
Indoor Unit Type
Wall Mount
Energy Star
Cooling BTUs
Cooling BTU Output Range
3070 - 30030
Cooling Amps
Dehumidification (pts/hr)
Includes Heat Pump
Heat Pump BTUs
Heating BTU Output Range
3070 - 38898
Heat Pump Heating Amps
HSPF (non-ducted)
622 / 509 / 399 (H / M / L)
Fan Speeds
Room Size Coverage
Extra Large 800+ Sq. Ft.
Min. Indoor Noise Level (dBA)
Indoor Noise Level (dBA)
45 / 40 / 35 / 29 (H / M / L / Sleep)
Outdoor Unit Noise Level (dBA)
Control Type
Hand Held Remote
Wired Thermostat Optional
Circuit Breaker Size (Amps)
Line Set Liquid Line
Line Set Suction Line
Maximum Elevation (ft.)
Maximum Pipe Length (ft.)
Pipe Length (No Addl Refr Req)
Operating Range - Cooling
14°F - 118°F
Operating Range - Heating
-4°F - 65°F
Min. Outdoor Temp for Heat °F
Inverter Technology
Indoor Unit Width (in.)
40.563 "
Indoor Unit Depth (in.)
9.688 "
Indoor Unit Height (in.)
12.813 "
Outdoor Unit Width (in.)
34.25 "
Outdoor Unit Depth (in.)
14.188 "
Outdoor Unit Height (in.)
31.5 "
Indoor Unit Weight (lbs.)
Outdoor Unit Weight (lbs.)
Parts Warranty
10 Years
Labor Warranty
Compressor Warranty
10 Years
Warranty Detail
The Standard Warranty Period and the Compressor Warranty Period are extended to a total of ten (10) years (the “Extended Warranty Period”) for qualified Systems that have been (a) installed by a party that has completed the Training Requirements, (b) installation is pursuant to LG’s published instructions, and (c) product is registered within 60 days of startup at www.lg.com