Mitsubishi MXZ-3C30NAHZ 30,000 BTU HYPER HEAT Multi Zone Mini Split Condenser SEER18/16

Item#: MXZ-3C30NAHZ

Brand: Mitsubishi

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Product Details

Product Overview

For over 50 years, Mitsubishi has remained at the forefront of the mini split industry thanks to their dedication to providing efficient, user-friendly comfort solutions. The MXZ-3C30NAHZ is an H2i hyper-heating outdoor condenser for multi-zone mini split applications in freezing climates. It supports up to three indoor units, allowing you to create a custom zoned heating and cooling system based entirely around the specific needs of your home. With a broad range of compatible indoor units, efficiency-boosting inverter technology, and heating capabilities that withstand some of the coldest conditions, the MXZ-3C30NAHZ is a smart addition for nearly any home.

Product Features

H2i Technology
Low and negative ambient temperatures don't bother the MXZ-3C30NAHZ. It is rated for 100% heating capacity at 5 degrees F and continues to provide heating in outdoor conditions as low as -13 degrees F.

Precision Temperature Control Technology
This outdoor condenser is equipped with inverter technology and an electronic linear expansion valve. By adjusting compressor speed and refrigerant flow, these components match the output of the condenser to the active zones. This provides precise temperature control and incredible efficiency.

Integrated Base Pan Heater
MXZ-C outdoor condensers have a factory-installed base pan heater in the drain pan. This prevents condensate from freezing and damaging the unit in frigid climates.

Mix and Match
The MXZ-3C30NAHZ is compatible with more than two dozen different indoor units, including ceiling cassette models, concealed duct models, floor standing models, and wall mounted models. It even works with the advanced MSZ-FH indoor units. This makes it easy to design a system that suits your home, no matter how it is arranged.